Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Return

I guess it's not too much of a surprise that I fell out of the loop with this whole blogging thing. It could have been a slow lack of interest over time or being distracted by other things (Video games). I also think it may have been the way I was approaching it. I was doing it in a way that limited me and it felt more like work. I like researching and talking about these movies but I wanted to say so much about movies I don't own but was limited from doing so by the approach I took. I still want to have something of a structure so I don't turn people off, I guess I just want to talk about more than the ones I own. So from here on out I won't be doing just the ones I own but whatever I'm interested into going into details on. When it is one I do own I will structure it in the same way I did before but with the change of noting it's one I do own.
So really not much will change.
One thing that will change is the frequency I update my collection list. Since I tend to buy/sell/trade/upgrade frequently it does change quite a bit. This is one of those minor details that makes it more work than anything. I'll make a note when I do decide to update but I won't make any promises how often that will be. I need to re-evaluate what I even still have and gotten over the last few months since I updated. That will take some time.
So in short I'm looking to make a return to this with a slightly different approach. I'm even thinking of bringing in video games into this as well. I also am looking to finish a lot of what I previously started. I look back into my posts and when I compare the drafts to the finished posts they almost even out. Talk about ambition.
So keep an open eye for more reviews coming from the Thirsty Cat!

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