Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moving Special, or I've Got Updates

Happy summer one and all to those of you who actually enjoy it. Personally I hate the heat. But summer is a time for fun the sun but also a time when you need to get shit done that you couldn't during the busy winter. And in case you weren't in the loop I'm going through some changes right now. One of those things is moving! Not far, more or less my wife and I are moving across town. With that said I may as well kick a few other things into gear with all this other stuff going on. One of which is to provide you fine people more content more consistently.
Over time I started and nearly finished or pretty much finished (minus touch ups) many reviews and commentaries. It's getting a bit absurd how many there are so what I'm gonna do is try and focus on finishing those off cause I've got some good stuff in there. Along with that there are plenty of updates that need to be done, too. This mostly consists of updating my overall collection list. It's been a long time since I updated it and a lot has come and gone since then.
So keep on the watch for a large flow of movie reviews, Ignorant American Gaming, I Have a Dream(cast), some commentaries in both movies and games, and even another unique review I'm yet to do yet. But you'll have to wait and see what that is. You'll probably be able to tell when it comes. Also I just ordered a big batch of new laserdiscs from a 25% off EVERYTHING sale from LaserDiscs by Duff so I will probably review a few of those as well. Got some cool stuff from the sale including the entire Godfather trilogy!

Keep your eyes open!!!!!!

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