Thursday, March 5, 2015

Culturally Irrelevant

Culturally Irrelevant is not some obscure movie I'll be reviewing. Nor is it one of those wacky Japanese games I love so much. No, Culturally Irrelevant is a podcast I host with three college friends where each episode we talk about the obscure and overlooked movies, games, comics, etc, that didn't get enough attention. Some episodes will have something not that obscure, maybe something you've heard of but haven't experienced. Other times there will be things you would have NEVER heard of but we feel you should know about.
The best part is None of us will tell what we bring ahead of time as a means to create a richer discussion and even an element of surprise and genuine interest.

Our website is We're also on Facebook at with a Youtube page on the way. Lastly we are @cirrelevantpod on Twitter.
That's the podcast as a whole. For myself I started a supplemental Tumblr that will serve as an "extra" or "bonus features" to what I talk about here and in my portion of the podcast. My Tumblr page is
As of right now I don't plan on utilizing a personal Twitter. If you're on Twitter and you want to get a hold of me... use another source like Facebook. But if Twitter is your source then go through the podcast Twitter handle and you can reach me that way. I just can't guarantee how quickly I'll get back to you.

So check out the podcast! Tell your family, tell your friends, help spread the word of the Culturally Irrelevant. The first episode should be up by today or tomorrow. We're working on gettng into iTunes, but for now you can listen on our website. I will post links to each new episode here as well as on my Tumblr. Should have no trouble finding them when they come out.

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